What Is An “Impact Zone”?

Based upon the success of the Harlem Children’s Zone, it was determined that MCI should begin by targeting a small area and achieve measurable success in that area before expanding geographically. While the intent is to encompass all of Liberty City, the community is far too large to commence programming that covers the area in its totality. As such, in order to build a viable structure for expansion it was determined that MCI should begin its work by targeting one section of Liberty City, and firmly establish itself before expanding to other sections of the community and ultimately all of Liberty City. This target zone, as established in the Community Strategic Plan, is defined by NW 15th Avenue on the east, NW 22nd Avenue on the west, NW 59th Street on the south, and NW 63rd Street on the north.

What Are Our Goals For The Families
In The “Impact Zone”?

Based on the Harlem Children’s Zone cradle-to-college-to-career-to-community strategy (shown above) MCI proposes to have the following outcomes for children and families in our impact zone:

  • Babies are born healthy and wanted to caring and nurturing families
  • Children are thriving by age three
  • Children are ready for school by age five
  • Children are reading at grade level by third grade
  • Children are succeeding in school from third to 12th grade
  • Youth are graduating from high school and entering college
  • Youth are completing college and beginning their careers
  • Young Adults are returning to Liberty City and contributing to the community.

Our goal is to physically, culturally, mentally, emotionally and educationally transform our community by:

  1. Convening the community, and coordinating resources and services.
  2. Building the capacity of people and institutions to increase the community's assets.
  3. Attracting and supporting sustainable solutions – with a special focus on investing in high-quality early childhood care, development and education.

What Does It Mean To Be A Family In The Impact Zone?

  • Children, youth and families are hopeful about their future and that of their community.
  • Every child is being prepared and supported to pursue post-secondary education.
  • Every parent is provided with the tools to become an effective parent leader, advocate and champion of his/her child and those in their community.
  • Children are provided with extensive services and resources to successfully succeed in school and life, including after-school programs, summer learning, and enrichment activities.
  • Families are provided with extensive services and resources to support their child’s education and overall learning in their community.
  • Children and youth have access to high quality early learning centers and schools and making them proficient in core academic subjects.
  • Services, resources and programs are directed to the MCI Impact Zone and coordinated to ensure every family is supported.
  • Children, youth and families feel safe at school and in their community.
  • Students, youth and families are healthy! Reduce obesity, diabetes, asthma, HIV/AIDS, STDS and other concerns affecting our community.

What Exactly Is A Block by Block Transformation?

Like Harlem, MCI proposes to test its paradigm shift in Liberty City by transforming one block at a time. In addition to extensive services provided, we propose to build on Harlem’s model by embarking on a substantial physical transformation of every block in the Impact Zone. We are starting with the two blocks on 60th street, between 17th and 19th Avenue, which are home to Charles R. Drew Middle, Charles R. Drew K-8, Annie Coleman Garden Apartments, and 5 single family homes.

With more than 600 children passing through these blocks daily, The Miami Children’s Initiative hopes to aid the blocks residents in starting a movement that sparks prosperity and empowerment for all who take a stroll down these blocks. A block transformation begins with creating a relationship with the families who live in MCI’s Impact Zone, and is brought to life by the physical transformation.

This physical transformation will be guided by Liberty City residents who reside or attend schools on 60th Street. The goal is to create an environment that envelops and welcomes you. That feels as if something dramatically different is occurring – that inspires hope and dreams. The ultimate goal is showcase the future direction of Liberty City and to provide something tangible that people can point too as a major accomplishment of MCI’s impact.

To donate or volunteer for our first block transformation, on January 21 2013, contact us at 305-636-2227 or click here.